Sunbeam is a children’s home to serve children and young adults in Jamaica, to provide a safe and nurturing environment, and to teach the principles of Christian living.

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Sunbeam Children's Home


The Sunbeam Children's Home is located in Gutter, Jamaica. Every year they help children who would otherwise be without a home. Not only does the facility feed and house these boys, but they help them to learn life and coping skills, receive an education through the on-site learning center, and help them learn what can be accomplished with care and love.

Sunbeam originated in 1976 when Pastor Cedric Lue was inspired to take in several boys in the area who were living in the streets and had nowhere else to go. Since that time, Sunbeam has evolved and changed to be an impressive facility thanks to the help of kind-hearted missionaries from various parts of North America and donations offered by complete strangers.

The Sunbeam Children's Home depends on people just like teams from around the U.S. who are willing to give their time and effort to enhance the lives of these young boys. Missionaries who visit Sunbeam work directly with the boys to share resources and knowledge, spread loving messages, and provide the extra hands needed to complete daily tasks and ongoing projects to enhance the facility.

While teams prepares for their journey to the boy's home, they know that there are many of you who would love to be a part of such an amazing offering for boys who really need all of our help. With your help, we know that giving just a bit of our lives to the boys at Sunbeam will prove to be incredibly rewarding for not just us, but the boys who reside at the facility. Please donate what you can to help. Together we can accomplish amazing things!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

~ Sunbeam Association for Mission

Donate to Sunbeam to help support the boys!

Our boys have hearts as big as their smiles. Help us to ensure they also have hope to overcome their need.

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Daily Living

Donate to provide basic necessities for the boys at Sunbeam Children’s Home.

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Donate to help keep our boys healthy and strong at Sunbeam Children’s Home.

Make a difference and join us at Sunbeam Children’s Home

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What Can You Do?

~ Pray: All mission teams need prayer support.
~ Join us on a team: Your mission experience will allow you to realize your desire to have God work through you, helping children in need.
~ Share your blessings: Help support Sunbeam Children’s Home financially.


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