The Sunbeam Family

Sunbeam Celebration Live Auction item- "Family" | Sunbeam Boy's Home
Sunbeam Celebration Live Auction item- “Family”

Over the many years of operation, Sunbeam has changed the lives of many people from the boys, staff, team members and volunteers.

It is now time that we want to hear from YOU! If you are a past boy, past or present team member or volunteer, we want to hear how Sunbeam has changed or influenced you. Share with us your favorite memory or story from your own personal experience with Sunbeam. There are so many people out there that have been touched from being apart of Sunbeam so we want to make our website along with our social medias a place for people to connect.

Feel free to share how long you have been part of the Sunbeam mission, how many trips you have made, ways you would love to help or any story pertaining to Sunbeam! Feel free to comment on the website or the Facebook post!

Thank you to everyone that has been part of Sunbeam in some way. We truly appreciate all you do!

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