SAM Board Spotlight: Sherry Bigalke

Sunbeam’s overall operation wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful board members both here in the U.S. and those in Jamaica. Keep an eye out for a spotlight of each member and learn more about their constant commitment and dedication to Sunbeam.

We start our first spotlight is with none other than Sunbeam Executive Director Sherry Bigalke! Sherry has been part of Sunbeam since its inception in 2000. She first came to know Sunbeam back in November of 1997 when she went on her first trip with her daughter, Team Coordinator Mel Harmon. It was on this trip that Sherry had a vision of a bright future for Sunbeam and the boys there. It was also during this trip that she felt God’s call to become a coordinator of mission teams even before there was an official organization. In 2000, Sherry was approached with others about purchasing and operating Sunbeam. Today, Sherry says the reason she continues to be part of Sunbeam and the board is “God’s calling and my desire to help make Sunbeam be a safe, loving, caring, Christian home for boys.”

Sherry first started her journey with Sunbeam though her home church back then, Peace Lutheran of New London MN, but still continues with her current home church of Faith Lutheran in Little Falls MN.

When asked, What do you hope to achieve in being part of the SAM Board? Sherry commented simply, “educate and share God’s plan for Sunbeam.”

Sherry cannot sum up all her favorite memories of Sunbeam but some that stick out are  reading in the dorms to the boys at bedtime, staying up playing cards with the older boys, popping popcorn, sharing stories and sharing many times of laughter and tears.

We thank Sherry for her continue commitment to Sunbeam and we are truly honored to have her!

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