Coming Soon: Volunteer/Team Member Spotlight

With an unbelievable positive response from our first two SAM Board spotlights, we thought we would also start a volunteer/group/team/team member spotlight. We all know Sunbeam wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for all of YOU! If you would like to shine a “spotlight” on someone you feel has had a positive impact on Sunbeam or would like to share more about your personal journey with Sunbeam, let us know!

Let us know how long you have been involved with Sunbeam. What called you to Sunbeam. What YOU hope to do for the future of Sunbeam. What are some special stories or fun memories you have had at Sunbeam. Share with us anything you would like!

We are all one family, so what’s better than to learn more about the special people that have been part of Sunbeam!

Email information and any pictures to share to Maureen at

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