Sunbeam Family Spotlight: Pooh & Marla

Who better to start out our first volunteer spotlight then the two that have been at it since the beginning, Pooh and Marla Walker! These two have done so much more than transporting teams, they have grown to find a family in team members and Sunbeam staff.

It all started back in the late 1989’s, early 1990’s. Pooh was already in the transportation business, when one of his friends approached him about an opportunity. This friend of Pooh’s lived close to the original founder of Sunbeam, Paster Cedric Lue. It was then that Paster Lue approached Pooh’s friend looking for someone that would be willing to transport teams. Pooh gladly excepted this opportunity, and after his first time transporting a team, Pastor Lue asked Pooh if he would like to be the designated driver for teams. As Marla said, “the rest is history.”

At the time Pooh started transporting teams, Marla had just given birth to her youngest child and started accompanying Pooh transporting teams in 2002. At the time Pooh started transporting teams, Sunbeam was not at its current location. It was actually just down the road from the current location in Spring Village. Marla stated that one of the first teams that was transported by them was St. Cloud in Minnesota.

Marla talks kindly about her reflection of her journey with Sunbeam and transporting teams. From meeting many people, to gaining a new family, along with seeing people grow up throughout the years. “Over the many years we have met and become friends with a lot of persons, some of whom had stopped coming like our dear friend Fred who recently passed away. We have met some who were kids and grown up before our eyes, have gotten married and have kids of their own like Mel Harmon and Tracy Jeremiahson. It’s been a wonderful journey and the friendships we’ve made have been our greatest reward.”

When Marla was diagnosed with breast cancer, she truly felt the love and dedication of team members that helped her through her battle. “I understand what love feels like when the teams, without hesitation offered help when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2015 and the treatments which followed.”

Marla concludes her final thoughts on her experience with teams and Sunbeam into simply “we have so much to be thankful for. It’s a great feeling when you just love what you do and we really love the teams and the boys of Sunbeam.”

Also, we cannot forget about their wonderful grandson Mark Anthony who always has a smile on his face! You can truly see the love that both Pooh and Marla have for him in their eyes.

We are so thankful and grateful for such caring and generous people like Pooh and Marla. They are a vital part in the overall operation of Sunbeam, and we could not be more thankful for them.

Please feel free to share your favorite memories with Pooh and Marla and thank them for their ongoing service and commitment to Sunbeam!

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