SAM Board Spotlight: Kristy Beissler

Next up on our SAM Board spotlight, we have none other than our amazing chairperson herself, Kristy Beissler! Kristy not only has a loving heart for Sunbeam, she is also a very strong woman with a bright vision for Sunbeam.

Each board member were given questions about their Sunbeam story. Below are Kristy’s thoughtful responses.

1. How long have you been part of the SAM Board and what position do you hold?

I have been a member of the SAM board for three years.  This past year I was elected to the position of Chairman.

2. How long and when did you start becoming part of Sunbeam?

Mel Harmon and I became friends thru church and when she went back to work, I had the pleasure of taking care of her kiddos.  She always found ways to weave her Sunbeam stories into conversations.  As a family we began to support Sunbeam thru donations and finally, we decided it was time to go.  My oldest daughter, Abbey and I went on our first trip in 2012 with follow up trips in 2013, 2014 and 2015 with one or both of our oldest girls.  The summer of 2016 was the year my husband, David and son, Aaron got to go along.  This summer will be the year our youngest daughter Amelia will go.  Sunbeam is a place we all love and now, with all of us having had the Sunbeam experience, is a common thread that ties us to a larger Sunbeam family.

3. Reason why you are on the Board?

Why am I on the board?   I do not wonder why…God of course!  He calls us to live out His life purpose for His kingdom.  Those of us on the board come from all different walks of life and different seasons of life, but the tie that binds us together is a love for Sunbeam, for the boys and staff that are Sunbeam.  God asks us to “go” and He desires us to trust Him.  That looks different for everyone, but we feel unequipped and fearful.  Whether that is saying “yes” to going to Sunbeam or saying “yes” to a position on the SAM board, putting our trust, hope and faith that God will equip us with just what we need…and if it is God’s will, there will be fruit.

4. What do you hope to achieve in being part of the SAM Board?

As a SAM board member, my main goal is to share the Sunbeam story.  To let people know about this little place in Gutter’s corner where God is at work…in the boys, staff, community and teams that visit it, as well as people who continually pray for Sunbeam.  I also desire for us to work well with the staff at Sunbeam as well as our JAM board members in Jamaica.  God’s work is always a team effort and we are so thankful for our Sunbeam staff and JAM board.

5. Favorite memory about Sunbeam?

I love to look out at the backyard at Sunbeam…team members, staff, boys all coming together and sharing time in activities, sports, work projects or crafts and feeling God’s hand in all the details big and small.  I do it every trip and it just amazes me at God’s goodness.

We thank Kristy for her continued love and support to the Sunbeam mission. We are so lucky to have you as our chairperson! Thank you!

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