2016 Sunbeam Celebration


This is the week!!! The Sunbeam Celebration is this Saturday, October 1st, 4pm-8pm at Oxlip Evangelical Free Church in Isanti. If you haven’t already done so, you should RSVP and join us! Many special things are planned for this evening with a lot of awesome auction items.

We are pleased that Glendon, Dwayne, Omar, and Leroy, all past Sunbeam boys are able to join us on this special night!

Let’s celebrate how God continues to use this special ministry!

Directions via Google Maps to Oxlip Evangelical Free Church:




2012 Update:

  • Hurricane Sandy resulted in the loss of the roof of the goat pen and 6 fruit trees. The biodigester was also flooded. A new biodigester system is being planned.
  • Teams are excited and making their plans to visit Sunbeam!
  • The stainless installation in the kitchen is complete!
  • Outside of the building has been repainted
  • Transition plan for boys over 18 being created